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Niklas Dahlin

自从开始我的飞钓carer I have been fascinated with Dry Fly Fishing, in a sense it is the essence of Fly fishing. Not that I never go subsurface, its just the thing I love the most within my passion of Fly fishing. From first sitting by the bank looking for rising fish to spotting a target, making up a plan, choose a fly to with one luck and well.. skills to maybe even get the fish to strike. To me this is beautiful, would even go so far as calling it a form of art.

Im not the best of fishermen, I have many friends that out fish me whenever. To me Fly fishing is recreation, companionship a way of living. Flyfishing came in to my life pretty late, in my middle thirties. Fishing my whole life but felt I became a fisherman when discovering Fly fishing. Anyway, enough of me and my romantic view on Flyfishing, lets get to the point.

I have become slightly picky with my equipment. Tired of need to buy new stuff every year, I choose quality. Don't mean it must be the most expensive stuff, but I need to get the feel of that it is good stuff. I don't believe one rod or line is enough to cover everything. I have 2 rods I mainly use, an Orvis Helios 2 8,6´#4 that I use most of the times fishing. I mainly fish small streams and rivers, this rod covers most of that. When I feel extra romantic I use a cane rod made by my friend Ulf Lö, 8´# 5 Swift, one of his own tapers, perfect for smalls tram fishing. I use mainly two types of lines, for small stream fishing I prefer a line with a slightly shorter front end like Rio Presentation and rivers slightly longer front end like Scientific Anglers Mastery. Usually I choose a slightly overweighted line, which decided improves my casting. Leaders I am very picky with, small stream fishing I use Trout Hunter /Scientific Angler 9-12 feet and Riverfishing same brands but 12-15 feet long. I Have not yet learned to appreciate Fluorocarbon so I stick to nylon. As for waders Im really tired of having changing every year so 4 years ago I bought Simms G4Z Zip waders which has done a good job and still works, also have a pair of G3 Guide pants for use when fishing small streams. To getting my stuff to the water, boxes, leaders etc I have a Simms Slingpack which I really like, cannot pack to much stuff you don't need but enough. To see the fish I use Leech glasses, have two pairs to cover cloudy or sunny days, yellowish and grayish.

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When I fish I try not to get down to the water and start random casting. I try to sit down, relax and try to read the surroundings first, what are we up to here? Try to find obvious spots that should hold fish, whats hatching etc. I try to catch fish on the conditions of the fish, aiming to match the hatch. I usually fish places already visited before. So I kind of have a clue on whats going on and usually have flies to kind of suit that. Always wait for rises first, try to look at the rises and think if they tell me something. Powersplash, well obviously something on the surface, smaller rises maybe the fish go for the emergers. When there is no rising fish or if my patience disappears and I really want to fish I go for fishing attractor flies, love putting on a big Royal Coachman Fanwing to see what the water has to offer, sometimes with great luck I must add. Im not an as good caster as I maybe want to be unfortunately. But can handle over and undercast enough to make my flies end up nearby where I want them, and yes I catch fish every now and then ;-).

My flyboxes are getting fewer for every year. A few years ago I could bring 10 boxes when I went fishing. But with experience I now have like 3 small boxes with me. One with flies I know usually works, one with attractor flies and the one Iforgot to leave at home. I don't really believe colors are that important on dry flies to catch fish, maybe that dark or light makes a big difference. Sizes can really be a challenge though. I mainly fish sizes 12 -16, but alway carry a few tiny stuff if I know I will need them, with age its a bitch to tie them on though so I also bring my 3+ reading glasses.

Well that was a try on explaining my view on dry fly fishing, but my friends always remember. Be yourself, gather your own experiences and most important.. Have fun.

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